Aerospace part with deep face groove aerospace part made from difficult material stainless   aerospace part made from difficult to machine material Iconel


Flight Critical, Micro-Machined Aerospace Parts Manufacturing

The aerospace industry requires precision, timely delivery, and considerable paperwork. Flight critical, micro-machined parts manufacturing for Aerospace Industry operations must meet stringent regulations.  We recognize that components that do not meet these standards can be a detriment to the industry as well as the public they serve. This is why attention to detail and precision is our number one priority, not only for these flight critical parts but for all components we manufacture at DM2 .

Some of the challenges we regularly overcome while machining parts for the aerospace industry include:

  • Burr control: Excessive burrs could cause a part to not seat properly in its final assembly
  • Smooth finishes: Many of our aerospace parts go into assemblies that require very smooth finishes – 16 RMA or better – to fit correctly
  • Tight tolerances: many of our aerospace parts go into assemblies that require tight tolerances (less than .001 total variance) to function
  • Difficult materials with poor machinability: Aerospace parts require difficult materials including:
    • Inconel
    • 321 stainless steel
    • Haynes alloys
    • Plus many other low machinability alloys necessary for aerospace components

Several certifications are required for parts manufactured for the Aerospace industry. The AS9100 certification is required for the most critical work. This certification covers all of the elements of the ISO 9001 certification, with several additional requirements for heat lot traceability of material and other considerations that are important to the aerospace industry. In addition to the AS9100 certification, much of our aerospace work, especially the work for military applications, require ITAR compliance. ITAR compliance tracks who comes into contact with parts used in military applications.

Have an aerospace component that requires precision machining?

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