Dynamic Machining X Manufacturing, known as DM2, is a world-class contract manufacturer of small, precision-machined parts and assemblies.

We serve industrial and commercial sectors ranging from Medical and Aerospace to Electronics and Industrial Automation, delivering the highest quality precision-machined parts and assemblies at competitive prices.

Since our founding in 2004, we’ve built our reputation on precision, problem-solving and customer service. We look forward to putting DM2 quality to work for you.

Today, we are a world-class production resource with industry-leading capabilities and expertise.

From prototypes to high-volume production, purchasing agents and manufacturing personnel find it easy to acquire precision micro-machined parts in any quantity. And, while we operate some of the finest Swiss-style screw machining equipment available, our manufacturing strength lies with a team of experienced technicians who bring a lifetime of experience to every project.

Big Reputation for Producing Precision-Machined Parts

swiss-style precision-machined parts and assemblies

DM2 is an ISO 9001/AS9100/ISO 13485 certified contract manufacturer of high precision-machined parts and assemblies.

We are primarily a Swiss screw machining company, with 15 CNC Swiss-style screw machines designed for volume production of complex, precision engineered, small-to-micro components.

While other machining resources focus on large components, DM2 is continually refining and building increasingly tight tolerances in parts for critical-needs clients. Some of these critical needs clients include the Aerospace and Medical Industries.

A Passion for Precision-Machined Parts

DM2 was founded in 2004 by a group of manufacturing professionals with focus on delivering exceptional quality and service. Today, DM2 is  known as a world-class production resource with industry-leading capabilities and expertise. Many of our engineers and technicians have spent their careers in the precision-machined parts industry. This gives DM2 the advantage of many decades of valuable experience.

The entire DM2 team is committed to producing 100% defect-free products, delivered on time, every time.