Part with several different difficult features run in one operation    parts made out of difficult materials: Inconel, Titanium, Kovar Swiss and mill part

Manufactured Industrial Parts

Precision and Reliability in all our Industrial Parts

From automation to watch industries, DM2‘s manufactured industrial parts require precision and reliability. While a majority of our business falls under the Medical and Aerospace categories, DM2 also serves clients in many other industries. We also have a proven ability to machine parts from a variety of difficult materials.

We have brought our expertise in the Medical and Aerospace industries to other industries who also have very demanding requirements. We find that a majority of our industrial clients have machining capabilities in their own facilities, however they choose to bring us those parts that they are not capable of producing in house, either because they lack the time to invest in such difficult parts, or the experience to make the parts at a reasonable cost in-house.

We are committed to bringing the highest level of service possible to every client that we have, regardless of industry or volume.

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