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Laser Marking

It is our goal at DM2 to provide our clients with the highest level of service we can. It is our commitment to this goal that led us to add Laser Marking in 2016.

A longstanding client made a comment about having issues getting artwork laser marked on the components we were producing for them. After discussing possible solutions to their problem, we decided that providing this service would be beneficial for our clients. It would also fit well with our company goals and existing services.

Since then, we have grown our Laser Marking business by bringing the same level of precision and care as we do to Swiss screw machining. While most of our client’s needs are as simple as part numbering, our machine is capable of much more complex laser marking work.

As you can see by the examples posted, we are able to mark cylindrical parts with ease. Our laser marking machine has a rotary axis, allowing us to completely wrap a component in laser marks much more quickly than those without this feature. Our machine is also capable of producing very fine details, for example it can write in extremely small lettering: .012 inches (.305 mm) high.

Have a laser marking project to discuss?

Contact us by phone or email below to get started. Most projects can be quoted in less than 24 hours.