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Micro-Machined Solutions for the Medical Industry

The medical device industry is in a period of rapid growth. Companies are demanding parts with greater precision and more complex geometries in order to stay competitive. It is in this environment that DM2 thrives because we are committed to holding ourselves to the highest standards. Our medical customers keep coming back to us because of our reliability and because we understand and consistently overcome the difficulties that come with producing parts for the medical industry, while growing with our clients as they develop ever more innovative ways to repair the human body. Some of the main concerns we find that our medical clients have are:

  • Burr control: Excessive burrs could potentially be lost in the body or could cause unwanted damage to tissue
  • Part finish: Many medical parts must have to have a smooth overall finish -16 RMA or better- to fit into assemblies and to avoid unwanted rubbing.
  • Tolerances: Many of our medical parts go into assemblies that require tight tolerances, .0005″ (.0127 mm) total variation or less, in order to function.
  • Packaging: Medical customers often require particular packaging so that the parts are not damaged or lost- since they are often small parts.
  • Difficult materials: Medical implants are often made out of Titanium or 316 Stainless which are materials with low machinability.

Medical device components have been a staple of DM2 business for many years.  In an effort to better serve our medical customers and to gain the credentials needed for the manufacture of implantable devices, we obtained an ISO 13485:2016 certification in 2018.

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