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Engineering Excellence

Precision Manufacturing for Medical, Aerospace, and Industrial Sectors

Since 2004, Dynamic Machining X Manufacturing (DM²) has brought our experience and expertise in engineering to the manufacturing of precision parts and assemblies. Where other companies focus on large components, our Swiss-style machining company produces the micro- to medium-sized parts needed in medical, aerospace, and industrial sectors.

Our competitive advantage:

  • 20+ CNC machines including Swiss-style screw machines
  • 5 axis machining and mill-turn centers
  • Ability to work with a variety of materials
  • Careful attention to quality
  • Scalability – Able to produce small orders or ramp up as needed
  • Experience – 90 years in the industry between our two founders
5 Axis Machining Center
Swiss-style machining

Crafting Micro-to-Medium Sized Parts

Dynamic Machining X Manufacturing, is a leading Swiss-style machining company specializing in the production of small, precision-machined parts and assemblies for diverse sectors including medical, industrial, and aerospace industries.

Medical Machine
Medical, dental, or veterinary – DM² has experience in all facets of the medical machining field and at all levels, from prototype to production.
Aerospace Machining
Precision-manufactured flight-critical micromachined parts. Our experience allows us to understand all facets of the industry, from manufacturing to the need for flexibility.
Critical Industrial Machining
Electronic components, brushless motor shafts, hydraulic system components, and more. DM²’s extensive experience creating precision components.
quality workmanship

DM² Certifications

quality workmanship

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