Medical Machine
Medical, dental, or veterinary – DM² has experience in all facets of the medical machining field and at all levels, from prototype to production.
Aerospace Machining
Precision-manufactured flight-critical micromachined parts. Our experience allows us to understand all facets of the industry, from manufacturing to the need for flexibility.
Critical Industrial Machining
Electronic components, brushless motor shafts, hydraulic system components, and more. DM²’s extensive experience creating precision components.
Swiss Screw Machining
Swiss screw machines combine high-speed turning, and extremely precise milling and drilling, allowing most parts to be completed in one operation.
Laser Marking
Our machine is capable of producing very fine details, for example, it can write in extremely small lettering: .012 inches (.305 mm) high.
5-Axis Machining
We have used 5 axis machines since early in our history. We can run complex components up to a 2 inch cube from saw cut blanks, Swiss-made blanks, or even castings.
Mill-Turn Center
DM Squared has focused on making small-to-micro machined components. In 2021 we purchased a Mill-Turn Center capable of machining parts up to 4” in diameter.

DM² is an ISO 9001/AS9100/ISO 13485 certified contract manufacturer of high precision-machined parts and assemblies.

Quality manufactured

Customer Testimonials

–Matt Howell, Quality Manager at JRI
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“Dynamic Machining X Manufacturing vendor is AWESOME!!! The quality of their parts is the best I have seen; along with excellent packing, labeling, and paperwork. I suggest you use this vendor more if possible.”
–Patrick Lofvenholm, Buyer at UTC
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“One of the more difficult parts, where errors are visible to the shop floor, has passed a controlled build…everything looked great. I was very worried about this part, so I’d like to say thank you and another job well done.”