5-Axis Machining

Dynamic Machining x Manufacturing

5-Axis Machining

The 5 axis machines at DMXM supplement the work done by the company’s Swiss screw machines. Originally purchased to manufacture components with features too complex for other machines, over time DMXM have worked on developing projects run almost entirely on the 5 axis machines. Loaded by robots, the 5 axis machines bring added efficiencies to many projects.

5 Axis Machine Features:

  • Robot loading for higher volume production
  • Complex components up to a 2-inch cube from saw-cut blanks, Swiss-made blanks, or castings
  • Spidle speeds up to 20k rpms
  • Tolerances as close as .0005 total variation

DM² is an ISO 9001/AS9100/ISO 13485 certified contract manufacturer of high precision-machined parts and assemblies.