Swiss Style Screw Machines

Swiss-style Screw Machines: The Production Tool For Small, Complex Precision Parts.

DM2 works primarily on Swiss-style, or simply, Swiss screw machines that offer a range of capabilities and advantages. Swiss screw machines combine high speed turning, and extremely precise milling and drilling, allowing most parts to be completed in one operation, rather than having to set up multiple machines to make parts saving time and money.

“One of the more difficult parts, where errors are visible to the shop floor, has passed a controlled build…everything looked great. I was very worried about this part, so I’d like to say thank you and another job well done.”
–Patrick Lofvenholm, Buyer at UTC

Swiss screw machines are distinguished by a sliding headstock that feeds bar stock through a guide bushing. This feature enables the precise, high-volume machining of many parts, especially those with small diameters. Swiss screw machines can handle metals of varying strengths and composition.

As the name implies, these machines originated in Switzerland and were used by high-end watchmakers who demanded precision components.

Swiss Screw Machine features:

  • Static and rotating side- and end-mounted tools cut within millimeters of the guide bushing, effectively eliminating overhang and part deflection.
  • Multiple axes and driven tools enable non-turning operations, such as milling, drilling and de-burring.
  • Twin-spindle configurations facilitate finishing of both ends of a part.
  • CNC technology permits use of standard tool geometries to produce complex and non-round shapes.